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A native New Yorker rewriting the blueprint of the Dubai dating-verse!

Although my parents are both born and bred in NYC, I was born in Dunedin, FL because my father was playing for the New York Mets at that time. My parents are high school sweethearts and met when they were 14 and 16 years old. They are exactly two years apart and got married on their birthday, so April 18th is a special day in my family.

My parents have been married for nearly thirty-five years and have known each other for over four decades! Their love story is something I have always admired and cherish every day.

I grew up in Westchester County, NY and spent most of my teen weekends in the city wreaking havoc! Despite my naughty antics, I was a straight-A student and a D1 athlete. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a BBA in Finance, but decided to get my Masters in Education post graduation due to the joy I received as a springboard diving coach.

Christiana Maxion The Dubai Matchmaker

I taught at Icahn Charter School 1 in the South Bronx as a first grade and kindergarten teacher for four years before meeting my Prince Charming.

We met in a very hopeless place in Manhattan on the last day of one of his business trips (maybe I'll tell you the whole truth one day lol). We had a wild night and he finagled another business trip back to the city ten days later. We then had a whirlwind romance where we spent six weeks meeting the families, living in London, Florence, and Sicily. We spent over a year doing long distance before making the decision for me to move to Abu Dhabi to be together.


the UAE is where relationships used to go to die, so we soon broke up afterward. For the full story, listen to the first episode of my podcast... Anyways, I had to move out, give the car back, return the credit card, and figure out the UAE on my own.

I climbed the career ladder in education and became a school leader and published author by the age of twenty-nine!

After I dated the eighth guy in Abu Dhabi from the same company as my ex (I guess I have a type: finance douchebag. It's the New Yorker in me) I moved to Dubai in 2019.

I loooooooove Dubai and it's the greatest place in the world because you can date the entire map!

Over two hundred nationalities are represented here and it's a place with inspiring people making things happen! I felt at home here as well because I am an American but my ethnicities are Puerto RIcan, Filipino and Turkish.


Rewriting the blueprint of the modern dating-verse!

Christiana Maxion The Dubai Matchmaker

I started a comedic instagram in 2020 documenting my dating experience as a western expat dating in and post-lockdown. The account gained popularity because people were attracted to my empowered dating standpoint –

date with high standards and zero expectations.

I also revealed the brutal truths about dating in dubai, so my followers liked that too. The school I was working for at that time caught wind of the account and let me go in less than twenty-four hours! Yes, I had a nice payout and lots of time off, so I used this time to reflect and created my matchmaking agency.

After consulting a heavy duty legal team, I created the agency based on the ways I wanted dating to change in the region and what a curated dating experience could be for the elite. The business gained success quite quickly and I was all over the media only six months into opening.

Erica Arrechea and Annie Garmendia of Cinqe Matchmaking reached out to me at my eight-month mark and asked me to join their incredible team.

Ever since we have joined forces the business has been booming and we get new members into our database and inquiries daily. We are in a very fortunate enough position where we get to choose our clients which is why our success rate is so high at 96%!

Cinqe matchmaking team photo

As a team,

we have 30+ years of experience, we hold the largest global matchmaking database of 40k+ members, 100's of marriages made and 1000's of happy couples matched. To date, I am featured in 50+ media mentions and growing. As the first public matchmaker and only elite service for the rich, we are the #1 service in town with plans to expand in the region and are launching my matchmaking concierge app: MAXION in Q3 2023.

CINQE Matchmaking

We are the only matchmaking agency offering UNLIMITED matchmaking memberships for our clients.

Memberships are timelines of three, six or twelve months, but sometimes we get it right on the first date! Our package prices go up to $200,000 USD and we offer a full comprehensive service. All memberships include additional services as needed, such as sessions with our relationship psychologist, rapid transformational therapy, hair/makeup, professional photos, personal styling, dental, and more.

Our team whips you into shape to get you ready for the dating world and then we take care of everything from there.

Our matchmaking concierge includes vetting, presenting, and connecting you with compatible matches based on your criteria to curate your dating experience to yield results!