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The Crypto Matchmaker

ANNOUNCEMENT: Now accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment methods in exchange for matchmaking and dating coaching services!

In 2022, many words are floating around that might seem scary, silly, or just unknown: NFT, metaverse, web3, blockchain. Whether we’re prepared or not, all of us will soon be living in two worlds—physical and virtual–with different currencies and modes to show worth or value.

After going public with my services as a top-tier Dubai matchmaker in 2021 (it wasn’t ‘legal’ to date in Dubai until recently), my very first client was known as a ‘crypto king’ and still reigns the kingdom with his extensive knowledge and expertise. Before meeting him, I had NO CLUE what this world was about and it forced me to learn more about who and what I was dealing with. I found this world fascinating–a world of cartoon monkeys worth millions and virtual coins worth billions. And, of course, with fast money comes fast cars, beautiful women, and endless spending.

I won’t get into the specifics of our matchmaking relationship as I keep confidentiality with all of my clients, but I will say that the ‘crypto king’ was an eccentric being that made me want to explore more into this verse and help other crypto boys find true love outside of the virtual world and in this physical world.

Dubai is super attractive to crypto players due to its tax-free zone, the launch of Crypto Valley, the city’s extravagant taste for luxury, and endless amounts of gorgeous people and places.

I was recently introduced to a friend who is worth millions in both fiat money and Bitcoin (BTC). He was spending his entire Dubai holiday only using BTC, which I had NEVER heard of before! And then my ‘aha moment’: I should accept Bitcoin as payment for my matchmaking services! If cryptocurrencies and the metaverse are inevitable realities, then service providers should be expanding their payment methods.

Hey…if the Burj Al Arab can accept Bitcoin as payment, so can I!

Should I change my name from the Dubai Dating Guru to the Crypto Matchmaker?!

Next venture: matchmaking in the metaverse! Netflix, call me!