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Joining the Global VIP Singles Network

A Paying Client is someone for whom we actively search to find matches. Paying Clients have guaranteed dates.

By joining our free database, you are added to our online pool of people from which we match with our Paying Clients. There is no cost. Those who join our network are only contacted if we believe they would be a good match for a current Paying Client. We encourage members of any age, race, or religion, to join our network to potentially match with Paying Clients.

Please note: There is NO GUARANTEE that you will go on a date when joining our database.

As a member of our free database, you will only be contacted if we believe you would be a great fit with one or more of our existing Paying Clients. Here’s how the joining the network process works:

  1. Join our network – COMPLETE your entire profile. Check your email and spam folder for the link.
  2. We review every profile and consider your deal breakers. If we feel you are a fit for our typical paying clients, we will email or WhatsApp you to set up a time to meet via Zoom. This is by invitation only.
  3. After we have met you and evaluated your compatibility with our current paying clients, we will send you some information on interested paying clients. If you agree to be introduced, we will contact you again to let you know the details.
  4. Go on your date – follow the agreements and guidelines, and send us a voice note with your immediate feedback! This helps us improve your matches in the future and lets us know what works for you and what doesn’t. That’s the true benefit of personalized matchmaking. 🙂

Only myself and our matchmaking team can see your complete profile. Your profile DOES NOT go on an open database for our paying clients to see—this is NOT Tinder!

Yes. We will never sell you our service—no sales pitches. We will contact you only when you are a match for a premium-paying client. We will match you with our premium clients for no cost. If you are a free database man, you will pay for the date (drinks or dinner), but there will be no charge for our services.