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EasternEye: Making the right love connections

Christiana Maxion featured in Eastern Eye by Asjad Nazir

Christiana Maxion, also known as The Dubai Matchmaker, has become a leading dating coach and matchmaker in the UAE. With a focus on elite matchmaking and customized dating coach programs, Maxion’s approach includes makeovers, confidence building, and feedback to empower individuals in their dating lives. Partnered with renowned matchmaking agencies, she offers a personalized experience and boasts a high success rate.

Maxion believes that the metaverse, apps, and online space lack the personal touch provided by her matchmaking service. She emphasizes the importance of having fun and exploring in your twenties, while dating with purpose becomes crucial in your thirties. For those in their forties and fifties, Maxion believes they have more intention and direction in their dating experiences. To find someone genuine, she suggests deleting dating apps and investing in hobbies and interests. Post-pandemic, more individuals are inclined to meet in person rather than relying on dating apps. Despite the success of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaker, Maxion confesses that she doesn’t watch it. Her advice to those disillusioned with dating is to stay positive and see each date as an opportunity for personal growth. The joy of helping clients connect with their ideal partners is what drives Maxion in her role as a dating coach and matchmaker. To read more, click here.

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