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Delete the Dating Apps

Dating in Dubai always gets a bad rap, and this is mainly due to the horrific dating app scene. My male clients complain about over-filtered photos and the demand of gifts before the first date–’no money, no honey’. While women complain about the countless gym selfies and lack of effort in bios. While both complain about pointless conversations that lead to nothing and no date.

I have the solution for both parties: DELETE THE DATING APPS!

I understand that dating apps were the main mode of dating during and post-lockdown, but now that Dubai is open with no lockdown in sight, it is time to meet a partner ‘in the wild’. But, how do you position yourself to attract the right partner? Answer: Create a ‘dubai dating do-over’ calendar.

First, think about which hobbies or activities you enjoy and do more of those. Being with a partner with a common interest leads to more increased compatibility. Another thing to consider is to brainstorm where your ideal partner might be, e.g. business lunches, networking events, lectures, sport or music events. 

Then print out a blank calendar and choose two events or activities to do each week. Google is your best friend. Even if you don’t make a romantic connection each time you go out, at least you have learned something new or perfected your craft–you’re improving yourself which is always extremely attractive.

Suggestions for the ladies:

  • Quiz nights
  • Golf courses
  • Whiskey tastings

Suggestions for the guys:

  • Yoga or pilates classes
  • Wellness retreats
  • Art gallery openings

Thank me later 😉 

Christiana Maxion is a top-tier Dubai matchmaker and international dating coach with an 80% success rate here in Dubai. For your comprehensive ”Dubai Dating Do-Over’ from a top-tier Dubai matchmaker DM @christiana.maxion