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Dating in Dubai with with @kai_wellbeing

We chat with Kai, native Hawaiian and corporate wellbeing consultant, on how she met her now fiancé in the wild in Dubai! Kai sought spiritual guides on how and when to end her previous on again/off again long distance relationship to open herself up to her now partner. Why you should still ‘date yourself’ whilst being in a relationship and what does a healthy, happy relationship look like to Kai? We also hear her incredible whirlwind romance around the world, commitment phobia, and her engagement story. My favorite part of the episode is the trials and tribulations of her relationship through covid and how couples therapy has been a key turning point to the success of her relationship! PLUS how to pick the perfect couples therapist for both parties in the relationship and when to seek this help.

Dating in Dubai with with @kai_wellbeing
Dating in Dubai with Charlie
Dating in Dubai with David


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