Meghan and Harry could spark turmoil with UK return as reignited 'royal feuds' predicted dating in dubai, the dubai matchmaker, christianamaxion

Daily Star Online: Meghan and Harry could spark turmoil with UK Return as Reignited ‘royal feuds’ Predicted

Christiana Maxion featured in DailyStar by Carly Duffy

International dating and relationship coach, Christiana Maxion, believes that Prince Harry’s return to the UK is likely to happen, at least for a brief visit, following the passing of Queen Elizabeth. While family feuds are inevitable, Maxion suggests that Harry’s bond with Meghan could strengthen, leading to more exclusion and battles within the family. However, Maxion also believes that a permanent return for the couple is unlikely if Harry’s memoir is published. She emphasizes the importance of negotiations, compromises, and clear communication in any milestone decision for a couple. The release of Harry’s memoir has been postponed to 2023. To read more, click here.

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