Dating over 40: Relationship coach's 'sure-fire way' to meet the one - it's not on an app dating in dubai, the dubai matchmaker, christianamaxion

Daily Express: Dating over 40: Relationship coach’s ‘sure-fire way’ to meet the one – it’s not on an app

Christiana Maxion featured in ExpressUK by Aimee Robinson

If you’re over 40 and feeling apprehensive about online dating, “The Dubai Matchmaker” Christiana Maxion has a “sure-fire way” to meet potential partners in real life. Maxion, who boasts a 96 percent success rate in helping people find their match, advises against relying on dating apps and instead suggests investing in hobbies, habits, and interests to connect with like-minded individuals. According to Maxion, people in their 40s and 50s have more clarity about their preferences and are better suited for in-person connections. So, put down the phone and start exploring real-life opportunities to meet someone special.

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